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This is the future home of Blackberry Playbook Apps. You can find, download and install a number of apps which can be used on the blackberry playbook tablet device here.

A number of developers have come together to create this site for you to find useful business apps, games, entertainment, and productivity tools and utilities.

Find them on App World or just download from us directly!

Coming soon: Developer tools and information. You will find out about BAR files and Adobe Air as well as useful actionscript information for Flash Builder.

There will be demo versions, trial versions, shareware, full versions that are free and paid apps.

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Aberrant Apps

Mimic`R Simon Game

Best Playbook Apps

We will feature a section for the best playbook apps that are available today

Some of the apps available are:






Productivity Applications






Android Galaxy Tab Compatible

Most apps listed here are compatible with the Galaxy tab and other Android based tablets.

Image Gallery

Blackberry Playbook with Driving Game
Blackberry Playbook showing Tron Bike and BB Torch
Blackberry Playbook showing pictures from camera